Nikolas Tavern

Tradition since 1967

Nikolas Tavern has been serving in Mykonos, in “Agia Anna – Paraga” beach, since 1967. It is a family seafood restaurant, which was originally created by Nikolas Dahtilidis and his wife Katerina, with much passion and desire for quality homemade food.

The tradition of fine cuisine and high quality customer service was continued by their daughter Anna Nazos, which in turn was handed to her son Nikolas.

Nikola's tavern character

has remained unchanged
over 3 generations

and reflects the traditional Greek cuisine, which has been recognized as a tasteful kitchen of high nutritional value.


From our farm

to your table
the most fresh ingredients

Seafood Tavern

Authentic tastes

Fresh seafood scents

For meat lovers

there is a wide variety of meat

grilled on the spot by the master himself Kostandis, father of Nikolas.

Nikolas Seafood Tavern

is also available for events such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries.

The tavern can accommodate 220 people approximately, in order to ensure space and movement comfort for all guests. For the events, we create the menu together in order to provide you with excellent food quality and service for all your guests. Also, the space and the tables can be decorated according to your own taste. Lastly, in the case of religious sacraments (wedding - baptism), the tavern has the family chapel right next to it, in order to attend your mystery here, and then walk to the tavern, thus ensuring maximum facilitation for all Guests.

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Nikolas Tavern

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